DSLR stands for Digital signal Lens Reflex What makes them different is the detachable lenses ISO stands for international Organization For Standards  High ISO means it would be more sensitive to light Choose the right ISO for your shooting situation For more light use lower ISO For less light use higher ISO Choose your shutter […]


A good portrait is where it is able to tell a story It tells the audience something about the person in the picture The key is to create a story telling portrait Wait to capture the right perfect moment Use the background to help tell the story Sometimes without background you lose the entire story […]


  This image is funny because you don’t usually see a cat drinking wine. You dont see everyday a cat being made into a cake. The carrot being there makes me curious because it’s such an odd thing object to be on top of the cat. This picture stood out to me because the whole […]


1/40 sec;  f/8  ISO 3200; Manual This photo has a lot color. The color really stood out to me and caught my attention. This angle was shot looking up to the trees. I could tell that the photo was taken around fall time which in my opinion makes the picture stand out more. All the […]


1/1600 sec;  f/7.1;  ISO 400;  Manual;     1/1600 sec;  f7.1; ISO 400; Manual;           This picture stood out to me because it gave me mixed emotions. This picture gave me a calming feeling. It gave me a calming feeling because the way the water looks. The poles on the bridge […]